Christopher grew up on Long Island, New York and discovered his passion for music early in life. Christopher came to know Christ at nineteen years old when a close music friend shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with him. Since then, Christ has been at the center of all of his music. Christopher is focused on writing, recording and performing music that encourages people of all ages and backgrounds in their faith.

Join us for this radio special and choose from 26:00 and 51:00-minute formats (or both) as we go behind the scenes and heart of Christopher Dolan.

Christopher’s goal in writing music is to listen to God’s Words through the Holy Spirit to intentionally pour inspiration into each song.

The Half Hour includes the following songs:

  1. You Alone
  2. Fix my eyes
  3. Singing Over Me
  4. Freedom in Surrender
  5. Worthy of it All

The Hour includes the following songs:

  1. Fix My Eyes
  2. Freedom in Surrender
  3. I Believe
  4. I Will Hear
  5. I Won’t be Silent
  6. Revolves Around You
  7. Singing Over Me
  8. Thank You
  9. Worthy of it All
  10. You Alone



We’d like to air the Christopher Dolan radio special on our station.