Celebrating 10 Years!
License to Parent Radio

Daily 1:00 and Weekly 28:30 programs

License to Parent began on 1 station in 2009. Today, we can proudly say, License to Parent airs worldwide.

30 Minute Program airs on 228 Radio Outlets.

One Minute Program air on 346 Radio Outlets.

Why Christian Radio Loves License to Parent!

“From the beginning, License To Parent has been a favorite program with our audience.  The outstanding production, the guests and the straight forward wisdom of Trace Embry have greatly helped parents deal with the modern dynamics of raising children in our interconnected culture.  Our listeners eagerly await each new broadcast to gain strength, insight and a License To Parent.”

Gary MillerStation Manager, WLFJ-AM, Greenville, SC

“I met Trace Embry nearly 10 years ago while at WRAF-FM/Toccoa Falls Radio and I immediately saw what God was doing through Shepherd’s Hill Academy and License to Parent. The listeners immediately responded to the no nonsense advice to help us be better parents. I used what I learned from him in my own family. Thank you Trace for your heart towards helping us be better parents!”

Michael ShelleyGeneral Manager, NewLife Radio, Griffin, GA

2 Program Lengths