Do We No Longer Value Human Life?


Tune into the monthly Pursuing Life and Liberty PSAs that tackle important questions we should be asking about our government. Help educate your listeners on equality and the basic human rights given to them by God through these two 60 second PSAs.

In May’s PSAs, “Will your station lose its 501c3?” helps examine the future of the 501c3 tax exemption and how this could effect organizations such as radio stations like you! In “Do we no longer value human life?” this PSA will examine how the government can protect all human lives and all pregnancies.

The mission of Control the is to educate, engage and empower the people of the United States to elect and keep elected officials accountable to Godly values that bring life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in a dignified manner.

2 PSAs


OUR STATION WILL AIR THIS “PURSUING LIFE & LIBERTY” PSAS, “Will your station loose it’s 501c3?” and “Do we no longer value human life?”

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